Ägypten und Levante /Egypt and the Levant. Internationale Zeitschrift… / Ägypten und Levante XXVIII / Egypt and the Levant XXVIII (2018)

Internationale Zeitschrift für ägyptische Archäologie und deren Nachbargebiete / International Journal for Egyptian Archaeology and Related Disciplines

Herausgegeben von Barbara Beck-Brandt, Herausgegeben von Ernst Czerny, Herausgegeben von Frank Kammerzell, Herausgegeben von Christiana Köhler, Mitherausgeber: Eva Christiana Köhler, Mitherausgeber: Lawrence Stager, Herausgegeben von Lawrence E. Stager, Reihe herausgegeben von Manfred Bietak


Ägypten und Levante /Egypt and the Levant. Internationale Zeitschrift… / Ägypten und Levante XXVIII / Egypt and the Levant XXVIII (2018)

Manfred Bietak
Preliminaries 1

Manfred Bietak
Contents 7

Manfred Bietak

Manfred Bietak

Manfred Bietak
A farewell to our great friend Lawrence E. Stager

Břetislav Vachala – Lenka Varadzinová
Pavel Červíček (1942–2015): List of Publications on Rock Art

Mostafa Hassan Mahmud Ahmed – Sameh Ahmed Elsaid Hashem – Lucia Hulková – Anna Wodzińska
Vorberichte/Preliminary Reports: Egyptian Salvage Excavations at Tell el-Mansheya

E. Christiana Köhler – Delphine Driaux – Sylvie Marchand – Tawny Holm – Arianne Capirci
Vorberichte/Preliminary Reports: Preliminary Report on the Investigation of a Late Period Tomb with Aramaic Inscription at el-Sheikh Fadl/Egypt

Michal Artzy
From Akko/Acco to Beit She’an/Beth Shan in the Late Bronze Age

Aiman Ashmawy Ali
More Stone Objects from the so-called Governor Palace at Tell Basta

Bettina Bader
On Simple House Architecture at Tell el-Dabca and its Parallels in the Late Middle Kingdom

Julien Cooper
Kushites Expressing ‘Egyptian’ Kingship: Nubian Dynasties in Hieroglyphic Texts and a Phantom Kushite King

Wojciech Ejsmond
Natural Pyramids of Ancient Egypt: from Emulations of Monarchs to Royal Burials

Valentina Gasperini – Hannah Pethen
Roads from Bahariya to Faiyum: A Study in Remotely Sensed Data

Birgit Glück
The Heritage of the A-Group. A Chronological and Cultural Re-Investigation

Jean-Philippe Goiran – Cécile Vittori – Brice Noirot – Magdy Torab
Relative Sea Level Variations at Alexandria (Nile Delta, Egypt) over the Last Millennia: Archaeological Implications for the Ancient Harbour

Ann-Kathrin Jeske
Tortypologie befestigter Anlagen. Erarbeitung anhand altägyptischer Tore des Mittleren bis Neuen Reiches

Clara Jeuthe
Einblicke in die lithischen Industrien von der 1. Zwischenzeit bis in das Neue Reich – die Beispiele Tell el-Dabca und Tell Edfu

Dominika Kofel – Teresa Bürge
Agriculture and Storage Practices in an Early Iron Age Household: Analyses of Plant Macro Remains at Tell Abu al-Kharaz, Jordan Valley

Karin Kopetzky
Tell el-Dabca and Byblos: New Chronological Evidence

Eythan Levy
A Fresh Look at the Mekal Stele

Gianluca Miniaci
Deposit f (Nos. 15121–15567) in the Obelisk Temple at Byblos: Artefact Mobility in the Middle Bronze Age I–II (1850–1650 BC) between Egypt and the Levant

Alessandro Moriconi
Rising Moon at Tell eŝ-Ŝerīʿa/Tel Seraʿ: A Neo-Assyrian Bronze Crescent Standard and the Iconography of the Moon God Sîn of Ḫarrān in Southern Levant. Ritual Paraphernalia and Military Insignia?

Martin Odler – Katharina Uhlir – Marie Jentsch – Martina Griesser – Regina Hölzl – Irene Engelhardt
Between Centre and Periphery: Early Egyptian and Nubian Copper Alloy Artefacts in the Collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (KHM)

Peter Pavúk – Barbara Horejs
Ceramics, Surveys, and Connectivity in Western Anatolia: The Middle and Late Bronze Age Bakırçay/Kaikos Valley Restudied

Sarah Vilain
Imitations et productions locales influencées par la céramique chypriote White Painted Pendent Line Style à Tell el-Dabca