Farai Mutamiri

An Anglican “Quest For Belonging”?

A Critical Historical Evaluation of the Anglican Diocese of Harare’s Decade of Turmoil, 2002-2012


2002-2012, the Anglican Diocese of Harare went through a decade of turmoil caused by Bishop Kunonga’s break-off from the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA). The ‘doctrinal’ reason for forming his own province called the Anglican Province of Zimbabwe (APZ) was CPCA’s condoning homosexuality, which drew the ire of the state. Although Kunonga justified his actions in an anti-Western pattern, as an Anglican “quest for belonging”, the fierce fighting between the two provinces (with the state forces supporting APZ) was more about property and politics. In 2012, Zimbabwe’s Supreme Court brought the matter to its finality when it declared that Bishop Kunonga had no right to claim CPCA properties.