Crime Fiction, Femininities and Masculinities

Proceedings of the Eighth Captivating Criminality Conference

Herausgegeben von Kerstin-Anja Münderlein


The present volume is a collection of select papers presented at Captivating Criminality 8: Crime Fiction, Femininities and Masculinities (Bamberg, July 2022), the eighth annual conference of the International Crime Fiction Association. As gender and crime fiction is a popular topic with researchers from all areas of (world) crime fiction and the contributions ranging from the highly popularised Victorian Jack the Ripper case to contemporary domestic noir novels written by authors such as Gillian Flynn, this book covers crime fiction studies from a broad variety of angles. The chapters in this book cover texts from all over the world in a joint effort to show that crime fiction (studies) is omnipresent, diverse, and – above all – topical and that gender is one of the mainstays of the genre and a determinant of its topicality and diversity.