GI_Forum 2023, Volume 11, Issue 1

Herausgegeben von Gerald Griesebner, Herausgegeben von Josef Strobl, Herausgegeben von Robert Vogler, Herausgegeben von Adrijana Car


GI_Forum 2023, Volume 11, Issue 1

“GI_Forum” publishes high quality original research across the transdisciplinary field of Geographic Information Science (GIScience). The journal provides a platform for dialogue among GI-Scientists and educators, technologists and critical thinkers in an ongoing effort to advance the field and ultimately contribute to the creation of an informed GISociety. Submissions concentrate on innovation in education, science, methodology and technologies in the spatial domain. “GI_Forum” implements the policy of open access publication (CC-BY-ND-License) after a double-blind peer review process through a highly international team of established scientists for quality assurance. Special emphasis is put on actively supporting young scientists through formative reviews of their submissions.

The 2023-1 Issue comprises work of researchers from different disciplines, most of whom presented their work at the GI_Salzburg 2023 conference ( The articles address diverse collections of spatiotemporal data such as multispectral LIDAR, SAR or biology-related datasets, and advanced concepts, methods and tools applied for their analysis like OBIA or Google Earth Engine. Applications range from natural resources management, natural phenomena and hazards to green spaces, urban place perception, mobility, and infrastructure. The impact of ChatGPT on teaching and learning GIScience based on an anecdotal approach contributes to the overall discourse in the scientific and educational community respectively.