Women’s Theologies of Liberation in Southern Africa (Circle Jubilee Volume 3)

Herausgegeben von Rosinah Gabaitse, Herausgegeben von Fundiswa Kobo, Herausgegeben von Dorothy Tembo, Herausgegeben von Nelly Mwale



This volume is the third part of BiAS volumes clelebrating the jubilee of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians (the Circle). BiAS 41/ ERA 15 is framed on the notion of theologies of liberation in order to show case women’s contributions to liberation theologies in response to multiple oppressions in southern Africa. Anchored on Nehanda, the book is framed in the narrative of Nehanda Charwe Nyakasikana, popularly known as Mbuya Nehanda (Grandmother Nehanda) who was a spirit medium and renowned for leading a rebellion against British occupation in the 19th century in Zimbabwe. This is to demonstrate resistance to all forms of oppression by the matriarchs and their handmaids in the Circle. Through this volume, authors resist different forms of oppression and demonstrate the active roles of Afri-an women in shaping the narrative of theologies of liberation. As per the indigenous teachings of the Shona that Nehanda, a powerful and revered ancestral spirit speaks through female mediums, authors in this volume speak through writing to celebrate the work of our Circle matriarchs and their handmaids. Authors also claim freedom from oppression, socio-economic, environmental and all forms of global injustices using the narratives of the Circle matriarchs and the theologies which have been generated by them.