Michael Gröschel

Optimization of Particle Synthesis

New Mathematical Concepts for a Controlled Production of Functional Nanoparticles


Optimization of Particle Synthesis

Embedded in an interdisciplinary research project, the present work investigates the modeling, simulation, and optimization of specific processes for the production of functional nanoparticles. The examined material systems represent a selection of important core building blocks for future nanotechnologies. Depending on the application, a well-defined particle size distribution of the final product is required. The involved mechanisms (e.g. reaction, growth, ripening, and agglomeration) are described in the modeling by a hyperbolic partial integro-differential equation coupled to one or more ordinary differential equations. The successful validation against experimental data combined with the techniques of optimal control theory thereby allow for a targeted manipulation of the underlying processes. The developed methods establish in many cases for the first time a systematic approach for the production of tailor-made nanoparticles.