Queen of Sheba

East and Central African Women’s Theologies of Liberation (Circle Jubilee Volume 2)

Herausgegeben von Veronica Kahindo, Herausgegeben von Esther Mombo, Herausgegeben von Nagaju Muke, Herausgegeben von Loreen Maseno


Queen of Sheba

This volume, named after a legendary biblical woman, the Queen of Sheba, is celebrating the wisdom of pioneers of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians’ (CIRCLE). It rose within the context of producing biographies of the founding members of the CIRCLE. The three regional volumes are: Sankofa: Liberation Theologies of West African Women, ed. by S. Amenyedi, M. Yele & Y. Maton (BiAS 39); Queen of Sheba: East and Central African Theologies of Liberation, ed. by L. Maseno, E. Mombo, N. Muke & V. K. Kahindo (BiAS 40); Nehanda: Women’s Theologies of Liberation in Southern Africa, ed. by N. Mwale, R. Gabaitse, D. Tembo & F. Kobo (BiAS 41). Thus, this essays collection, being the second partof the CIRCLE jubilee trilogy, focuses on East and Central African women, their lives and struggles and their powerful Queen-of-Sheba-Wisdom in contributing to liberation in theory and practice.