Religion and Health in a COVID-19 Context

Experiences from Zimbabwe

Herausgegeben von Molly Manyonganise


BIAS 36 ist an essays collection that explores the intersection of religion and health in a COVID-19 context specifically focusing on Zimbabwe. With the menace of COVID-19 across cultures, this volume places its focus on this pandemic and how it has reshaped the discourse on the way, religion interfaces with health. The book further examines the ambivalence of religion in shaping attitudes towards health-seeking behaviour as well as influencing responses to pandemics. This book, therefore, makes a valuable contribution to the body of knowledge by offering an incisive analysis of how the pandemic has shaped the way religion has contributed both positively and negatively to the discourse on health in Zimbabwe. Such an analysis is crucial in informing policy on the future relationship between science and religion in public health both during this pandemic as well as in the post-pandemic era and the crises ahead. The book contains contributions by Molly MANYONGANISE (ed.) / Vengesai CHIMININGE / Enna Sukutai GUDHLANGA / Bernard Pindukai HUMBE / Angeline Mavis MADONGONDA / Clemence MAKAMURE / Gift MASENGWE / Peter MASVOTORE / Tawanda MATUTU / Tenson MUYAMBO / Bednicho NYONI / Nomatter SANDE / Jane TENDERE / Lovemore TOGARASEI / Lindah TSARA / Silindiwe ZVINGOWANISEI