Religion and Logic in Buddhist Philosophical Analysis

Proceedings of the Fourth International Dharmakirti Conference Vienna, August 23-7, 2005

Herausgegeben von Eli Franco, Herausgegeben von Birgit Kellner, Herausgegeben von Horst Lasic, Herausgegeben von Helmut Krasser

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Religion and Logic in Buddhist Philosophical Analysis

The proceedings volume of the Fourth International Dharmakirti Conference, held in Vienna in 2005, includes a collection of thirty-six essays devoted to the work of one of the most influential philosophers of India, the six-century Buddhist scholar Dharmakirti. It is the next volume in a series of Dharmakirti conference proceedings that includes, to date, Studies in the Buddhist Epistemological Tradition (Vienna 1991) and Dharmakirti”s Thought and Its Impact on Indian and Tibetan Philosophy (Vienna 1999). The papers in this volume present research on the Buddhist logical and epistemological tradition in India and Tibet, including its cultural, philosophical and religious significance, and also emphasize the tradition”s import on non-Buddhist philosophy and religion. They also report on some of the remarkable (and very important) new textual sources that have become available in recent years, namely, newly discovered Sanskrit texts by
Dharmakirti and his followers. The contributions provide a rigorous and detailed overview of tlle astonishing Progress that has been made in understanding the work of Dharmakirti and his successors. Moreover, a number of essays break new ground by demonstrating various non- Buddhist contexts in which Dharmakirti”s work was taken up and dealt with critically