Representation of the Other

Theory and Practice

Herausgegeben von Chengzou He


Representation of the Other

The question of the Other is related to a number of issues, among which ethnicity, gender and environment are most frequently discussed. Based upon the theories of postcolonial studies, gender studies and ecocriticism, and covering a number of literary texts from different periods and cultures, this textbook contributes to our interdisciplinary knowledge of the Other as a key literary and cultural term and to our intercultural approach to the Otherness. The goal of the book is to help readers reach a deeper understanding of ourselves, transcending the binary notion of Self and Other, East and West, man and woman, culture and nature, and so on. In the end we shall accept the Other and are ready to be in his place.
This book opens the series „interKULTUR European—Chinese Intercultural Studies“ which consists of teaching material for intercultural studies in higher education and research results of such studies.