Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2023, Vol. 21

Special issue on The causes and consequences of depopulation

Herausgegeben von Stuart Gietel-Basten, Herausgegeben von Michael Herrmann, Herausgegeben von Klaus Prettner, Herausgegeben von Miguel Sánchez-Romero, Herausgegeben von Ekaterina Zhelenkova, Herausgegeben von Zuzanna Brzozowska


Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2023, Vol. 21

The Vienna Yearbook of Population Research is an open access journal that features contributions addressing population trends as well as a broad range of theoretical and methodological issues in population research. Besides Research articles and Review articles, the journal includes Data & Trends contributions, which analyse changes in population dynamics or present databases and data infrastructure. It also features Perspectives articles, which focus on ideas, concepts or theories, as well as invited Debates reflecting on selected questions and issues. Since 2008, the volumes have been devoted to selected themes following special calls for thematic issues.

The 2023 volume of the Vienna Yearbook of Population Research puts a spotlight on the causes and consequences of population decline – a phenomenon increasingly observed in many countries and regions around the world. This volume showcases the multifaceted nature of population decline, featuring studies from diverse disciplines including environmental studies, urban/regional planning and sociology. Comprising a collection of 18 articles, it examines trends, causes and consequences, challenges and policy responses at various spatial levels, often with a focus on the key role of migration in driving population decline. The seven Debate contributions included in the volume defy the gloomy picture typically associated with population decline, also stressing the (potential) benefits from population decline.